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No additional software No additional software required
Work on all platforms Works on all platforms: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android
Encrypted and secured connection Encrypted and secured connection
Fully anonymous Fully anonymous
Access to all websites Access to all websites
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MyVPN stay anonymous

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How does it works?

By connecting to our VPN servers we change your IP address with one of ours. By doing this all websites that you visit and network services that you use will see our IP address instead of your original.

You can connect to our servers using PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols. In case your ISP provider is blocking your VPN access, you can use OpenVPN on tcp stealth profile.

How can i use the VPN service?

You need to sign up first and then select your VPN subscription. You can pay your subscription with SMS,, credit card, crypto and After paying your VPN subscription will be activated automatically and you can start using your VPN acccount.

If you are having problems with the VPN you can check our tutorials corresponding to your computer OS or device.

You can use our VPN client software or Android app in order to connect quickly and easily to our VPN servers. Download our VPN software or Android app from here.

Frequently asked questions

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is logically created computer network between two points, for example your computer and our serverrs, which uses the internet or any other public network as a backbone and encrypts the traffic between these points or creates a logical tunnel between them. VPN is used when you need secure and encrypted transmission of any kind of traffic (voip, video, audio and etc.). VPN also allows the users to overcome regional restrictions from their countries and filtering of the traffic by their internet providers.

The reasons that you might want to use VPN service are a lot, but here are the most common ones:
Your internet provider is monitoring your traffic and you don't want him to know what you are doing
Your internet provider forbids you to use various websites that you need
You just want to have a secure and encrypted connection so no one can monitor you

You dont need any special software, you can take a look at our tutorials for help on getting your VPN connection to work.

You can try our new VPN client software. Download it from here.

Connecting to our VPN servers we switch your original IP address, provided to you by your internet provider, with ours. This way every page that you visit will actually see our IP address, while yours will remain secure and hidden.